PRP and Microneedling

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Medspa810 uses SkinPen Microneedling and here is why:

SkinPen is the first FDA-cleared microneedling device on the market and is clinically proven to improve the appearance of acne scars in patients ages 22 and older. The SkinPen microneedling procedure aids in smoothing and plumping fine lines, leaving you with a younger, more youthful appearance. In as few as three minimally invasive treatments spaced 30 days apart, you can improve your appearance and step out with confidence.

How does microneedling work? It creates thousands of microchannels that stimulate your body’s natural wound healing process, while minimizing cellular damage. This rejuvenates your skin from the inside out. The result is effective remodeling of scar tissue, while keeping the overall structure of the skin intact.

There are three phases to the wound-repair process:

  • Phase I: Inflammation. Piercing the skin triggers your immune system to cleanse the wound, remove debris, increase blood flow and begin to create new tissue.
  • Phase II: Proliferation. The wound is rebuilt with new granulation cells, which are part of the extracellular matrix. Additionally, a new network of blood vessels develops.
  • Phase III: Remodeling. The wound is replaced with new dermal tissues and blood vessels. Free Consultations are available to answer all questions and to ensure the best possible outcome for the SkinPen treatment.

*skinPen Website

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments

PRP reflects a growing trend in wellness and medical science which emphasizes helping your body treat itself. This is because of the fact that platelet rich plasma is an essentially natural treatment option that derives its effect from your own body.

The way that PRP works is that an administering professional extracts the platelet rich plasma from your own body. Then, they use the plasma to microneedle the area they want to treat. After application, the plasma interacts with the tissues beneath your skin and encourages them to operate more optimally. This seemingly miraculous treatment stimulates collagen output, and helps with acne outbreaks and their consequences.


Which areas can be treated with the SkinPen?

Our Eclipse SkinPen can treat various parts of the body, including the back, legs, hands, arms, neck, abdomen, decollete, and of course, the face.

What is the PRP & Microneedling procedure like?

The SkinPen is our tool for microneedling. We begin by attaching a needle-tip with 14 stainless steel medical grade needles to the head of the SkinPen. A gel is applied to the skin to keep it safe, and then the pen is pressed against the skin gently. This pen is carefully swept along the skin until the whole area has been treated. The needles create 1600 micro-injuries per second for increased efficiency.

Is there any downtime?

While there are no serious side effects leading to any long downtime, patients should be aware that they will experience a bright redness on the skin for 1-2 days after the treatment. You may go back to your normal skin care routine and wearing a clean mineral make up after 24 hours after the SkinPen treatment.

How many sessions will a patient need for optimal results?

This depends on the patient and their desired goals. Some patients will only need a single treatment every year for best results, but most patients can expect a series of 3-6 sessions, with around 4 to 6 weeks between each. Patients with acne scars, deep wrinkles, and other blemishes are recommended to undergo 6-8 sessions.

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